President’s Speech

President’s Speech

I can still remember the first day I joined my heartiest Jahangirnagar University Science Club with a dream to do something special. I’m very much delighted for my direct contribution in making this website.


Jahangirnagar University Science Club (JUSC) has started it’s journey from 17 August 2005. To date it is playing a crucial role in spreading science in our society with a slogan “Committed To Explore The Truth”


It’s my immense pleasure to have a group of dedicated science lovers and thoughtful students who are very much promising to uphold and spread out the scientific knowledge in science arena through different scientific programs like Math Olympiad, Science Olympiad, Science festival, Science talk competition, Scientific seminar, Scientific projectshow, Scientific magazine publication etc.


A knowledge based society is our goal. To make it possible this website will be a great platform to share different scientific information and our activities at different times.


Finally, I want to thank my advisory and executive bodies without whose constructive supervision this wouldn’t have been possible.